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Mr Bill Norris

Mr Bill Norris, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Hand Specialist
Mr Bill Norris
Job title
Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Hand Specialist
Director of Surgery at the Kent Hand and Plastic Surgery Unit
Primary specialtyPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Secondary specialtyCosmetic Surgery
Year qualified


Professional memberships

- Senior member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons
- Former member of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand
- British Burns Association
- Former member of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
- The Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (M123286)

Date of GMC registration (dd/mm/yyyy)02 August 1977
10 Harley Street
Greater London
020 7467 8356
020 7467 8312
Professional profile

Having qualified in 1976 from the London Hospital, Mr Norris' Plastic Surgery training took him via St. Andrew's Hospital in Billericay and Newcastle to East Grinstead in 1985 and where he was appointed Consultant in 1987 at the age of 33.  The success of his Trauma and Burns Course helped make East Grinstead The Hand Injuries Centre in the South East.  His interest and expertise in Cosmetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction as well as Cleft Lip and Palate craft and Microsurgery continued to grow.  His research into nerve repair helped develop the McIndoe Centre and his position as Honorary Research Fellow encouraged affiliations with the Royal College of Surgeons.  His Medico-legal Practice began in 1985 and flourished during his time at East Grinstead. On leaving the NHS in 1993 he became Director of Surgery of The Kent Hand and Plastic Surgery Unit and successfully treated patients via fundholding helping him to establish his reputation as a Health Care Provider and Medico-legal Expert in the South East of England

Mr Norris' Private Practice rapidly grew during his 22 years at the Alexandra Hospital in Kent where he served as a long-standing member of the Medical Advisory and Clinical Governance Committees.  Now retired from his clinical practice, he aims to further develop his medico-legal business as a hand and plastic surgery expert, and to continue to deliver high quality reports that are accurate and concise.

Awards/prizes and scholarships:
Buxton Prize in Anatomy and Physiology: 1973
- Advanced Surgical Prize: 1980
- British Association of Plastic Surgeons Travelling Scholarship: 1988

Areas of expertise

- Plastic and reconstructive surgery
- Cosmetic surgery
- Hand surgery
- Scars and scar revision
- Burns
- Peripheral nerve trauma and nerve repair
- Facial surgery
- Breast surgery

Medico-legal experience

Since 1985, his Medico-legal practice has steadily grown and over 100 reports per annum are now prepared.  An increasing number of single/joint instructions are received and the current Claimant : Defendant ratio is approximately 80 : 20.  Mr Norris is an experienced Hand and Plastic Surgeon - now retired from clinical practice, he aims to further develop his Medico-legal practice and to deliver concise reports without delay.

Medical negligence is an area of increasing interest to him especially in relation to Cosmetic Surgery.

Mr Norris provides accurate and concise medico-legal reports that are also descriptive and scrupulously checked for any errors.  His reports are professionally prepared without delay and, in so doing, help the Personal Injury business in providing a satisfactory outcome for the client and associated parties.

Key publications

He has numerous publications and presentations to his name over a career spanning 34 years. These include subjects on the following:

- Facial surgery and cosmetic surgery
- Hand surgery
- Breast surgery
- Burns
- Peripheral nerve repair and reconstruction
- Cutaneous scarring and scar revision
- Tattoos
- Hand injuries and reconstruction
- Renal calculae and their management
- Malignant melanoma
- Hand infections
- Tissue expansion in head and neck reconstruction
- Duplications of the small bowel

Are you prepared to appear in court?
Court experience
Since 1985 he has appeared in Court on 3 occasions and so his experience is limited.
Time frame for delivery of reports
Within ten working days
Fees (Please provide details of your fee structure - optional)

Currently between £525 and £950 per report, depending on complexity.

Reports relating to medical negligence amount to £1600 in most instances.

UK regions covered
  • Beds. Herts and Bucks
  • Bristol and Gloucester
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Cheshire
  • Cornwall and Devon
  • Cumbria
  • Dorset and Somerset
  • East Midlands
  • Essex
  • Greater London
  • Greater Manchester
  • Hampshire and Wiltshire
  • Harley Street
  • Herefordshire and Worcestershire
  • Humberside
  • Kent and Essex
  • Lancashire
  • Merseyside
  • Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Northern Ireland
  • Northumberland and Durham
  • Scotland
  • Stoke, Staffs and Cheshire
  • Surrey and Sussex
  • Thames Valley
  • Wales - North
  • Wales - South
  • Warwickshire
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire - North
  • Yorkshire - South
  • Yorkshire - West